ArtistUpgrade Websites for Voice Talent

Websites are a cost-effective tool for showcasing your demos and attracting potential clients, producers, and agents. And no one does voiceover websites better than ArtistUpgrade.

For voice talent, we offer two website options: our One Page Voiceover Website and Custom Website Design.

  • Who Benefits most from the One Page Voiceover Website?

    The One Page Voiceover Website is an excellent online marketing tool for voiceover artists who need an affordable, professional, personalized way to gain a competitive edge in the industry while establishing a strong online presence and marketing message. These types of sites are excellent marketing tools for beginners and professionals alike. Meet our clients!

About the One Page Voiceover Site

The One Page Voiceover Site was specifically designed to meet the unique needs of voiceover artists as well as cater to the demands of voiceover industry professionals such as Casting Directors, Producers, and Agents. The One Page Voiceover Site includes all the necessary information professionals and prospects are looking for when visiting your website, provides immediate access to your demos, and increases your chances of being heard. Perfect for seasoned professionals and beginners alike, this type of site is an effective marketing tool that ArtistUpgrade spent months developing in collaboration with Edge Studio in NYC, a leader in voiceover training and production.

View some examples of our One Page Voiceover Website.


The One Page Voiceover Site Includes

Voice Profile

This section includes: Gender, Union Affiliation, Reading Age, Voice Description, and Niche.


Providing a clear description of your background, voiceover abilities and experience can help your clients and professionals get to know you better.

Studio Snapshot

Letting your viewers know your production capabilities is important. Whether you operate out of a home studio, can produce audition or broadcast quality, or have access to a professional recording studio, clients and professionals can know what your capabilities are and if you'll be able to accommodate their needs.

Contact Information

Lets your viewers know how to reach you!

Demo Playlist

A website is a great way to give people access to your voice demos. We've found an excellent mp3 player that allows your viewers to hear your demos, control the volume, scroll to timed points in the demo, and download.

Client List

If you've been in the industry it's a good idea to establish credibility by listing your current and past clients.

Training and Experience

If you're just starting out in voiceover, or if you're established with an extensive training resume, listing your coaches, classes, seminars, and intensives is another way to establish credibility.

Complimentary Hosting

No monthly charges, yearly fees, strings or gimmicks. We’ll happily host your website for free, forever. No monthly fees or hidden surcharges to keep your website up and running. Ever.

Domain Name Registration

Every One Page Voiceover Site comes with our free Domain Name registration for the 1st year. Domain name renewal costs $10/year if you choose to renew your domain after the first year.

Room for Growth

We know that every artist has a unique career. That is why ArtistUpgrade designs our sites to accommodate growth. Whether you need to add a demo, add a client, or add a new section to your site, we make it easy and affordable whether it’s two months from now or two years from now.

Custom Design

Research has proven that self-promotion and a unique, effective marketing strategy are the key to a successful and a sustainable career in the voiceover industry. Your dedicated ArtistUpgrade designer works with you to develop a comprehensive brand image that showcases your voice demos and personal style in a personalized way. It’s not just copy and paste into a generic template, it’s professional design you can showcase with confidence.


About Custom Websites for Voice Talent

While we’ve found the One Page Voiceover Website to be extremely helpful in marketing voiceover talent, sometimes you want more. Not a problem! ArtistUpgrade is happy to work with you to develop a comprehensive, completely original website design for promoting yourself as a voiceover artist.

View some examples of our Custom Websites for voiceover artists.


Who Benefits most from a Custom Website Design for Voice Talent?

Custom design is best suited for two types of voiceover artists. 1) Voice talent who have very specific ideas about how they want their website to look and function, and, 2) Established voiceover artists with a lot of information and materials to post on their website.

Interested in Custom Website Design for your voiceover website project? Learn more about Custom Websites for Voice Talent.


What Makes ArtistUpgrade Websites Different?

The Three P’s of Effective Websites (because alliteration is Fun, Fresh, and unForgettable).


A website must convey a sense of professionalism, and must show your viewers that you are competent, skilled, and polished. When we build a website we take into consideration who will be viewing your site, and what they need to see in order to feel confident that you can fulfill their needs.


Your website must communicate something unique about you. All the elements must complement each other in order to create a strong message that will give your viewers an instant sense for who you are and what you have to offer. That’s why we never reuse designs or templates for our websites. Every ArtistUpgrade Voiceover Website element from colors to font is meticulously considered in order to create a website that is in line with your materials and career goals.


On the Internet, content is king. But organizing content in an effective way is much more complex than it looks. The ArtistUpgrade Voiceover Website is designed to give your viewers instant access to all your content in an effective easy-to-navigate way. By making your information easy to find, you increase your chances of viewers seeing what they need to see, which, in turn, increases the likelihood of them getting to know you and wanting to work with you.


  • Food for Thought

    Make It easy for them: An image is worth a thousand words.
    Consider this, in order for someone to hire you as a voiceover artist, they must first see you. Before they hear you, they will see any combination of the following: CD Case, stationery, business card, postcard, email signature, website, or (in audition/work situations) YOU.


    What they see will significantly influence the way they hear your demo.
    Your image prepares your listener for what they are about to hear. They will hear you differently based on what they see. Your image will help prepare them to digest your demos the way you want them to be heard. Our goal is to create a brand image within the context of your website that accurately represents your vocal qualities and expertise to effectively set the stage and prepare your listeners.

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Voiceover Website Design Gallery


J. Christopher Dunn Seattle Voice Talent

J. is a Professional Voice Talent with years of experience producing and voicing commercials, as well as providing character voices to radio dramas and stage performances. He came to ArtistUpgrade needing a website makeover that would allow his site to be iPad/iPhone compatible. Playing off his tagline, "Your Words Deserve a Clear Choice", we designed this sleek, professional site to complement his warm, calm voice. This site features our nifty new demo player that doesn't require a standard flash player to function! A much needed upgrade for J., whose old site was completely built in flash. So go ahead, whip out your iPad, try it on your phone, take a look, and have a listen.

Industry Niches: Commercial, Documentary, Technical Narration, Automotive, Product & Web Demos, Telephony

Katie DeGabriel Connecticut Voice Talent

Katie DeGabriel is a real mom living in Fairfield County with a believable voice who can switch between speaking about Peanut Butter to Global issues to the newest technology. As a mom herself, Katie came to us with the very unique design idea of incorporating into the website three scenarios of different types of mothers. The first: two moms chatting over coffee. The second: mom with her kid and soccer ball. The third: Mom and briefcase. Head designer Mick Lauer plunged into this design idea and created an awesome site to complement Katie's friendly, energetic, neighborly voice that lends itself well to narration, audiobooks, and e-Learning. Check out this super site designed for super mom and Voiceover Talent Katie DeGabriel.

Industry Niches: Narration, Audiobooks, E-learning, Webinars, and Telephony

Jason Brough Alabama Voice Talent

What is Modern Americana? We don't believe it has an official definition ... yet. But we do know one thing: Voice talent Jason Brough carries the sound of Modern Americana. Jason offers a truly American voice, light on the accent, but rich with personality. The heart of America offers an endless variety of experiences, just like his voice. It can be wild and fun, or soothing and gentle, even fierce and striking at times. But no matter the emotion or message conveyed, Jason's voice is always honest and clear.

Commercials, Infomercials, Political Campaign Spots, Broadcast Promos, Radio & TV Imaging, Motion Picture Trailers, Corporate Training Audio/Video, On-Hold Systems for Business, Soft-Sell Advertising.

Robert Moody East Coast Voice Talent

Robert is a vascular technologist who is a geek at heart, with a love for movies, writing, and video games. He came to us ready for his next challenge – the business of voiceover. Robert needed to rev up his marketing efforts as "the voice of a new generation", so Mick came up with "Moody Man", and the rest is history! Complementing his hip, quirky, "every guy" voice, we happily developed this memorable and unique brand image to help promote Robert's new voiceover career.

Industry Niches: Medical Narration, Documentaries, Reviews, Online/Website Tutorials, PSA, Podcasting, Technical Training, Corporate Training.

Magdalena Spinelli Los Angeles Voice Talent

Magdalena Spinelli has been a voice over actor since 2002. With a background in journalism in the Hispanic Television Networks, she has ample knowledge of the Hispanic market. Designing for Magdalena's voiceover niche, and to complement her friendly, caring, versatile voice, Mick created this beautiful site – simple, happy, with a splash of spice. Listen to Magdalena’s Spanish demo and learn more by visiting her website.

Industry Niches: Commercials, Promo, TV/Movies, Narration.

Gretchen Gale Merriweather New York Voice Talent

Gretchen Gale Merriweather has to have one of the most smile-inducing voices of our time. Designing with warmth and sunshine was as easy as making her laugh. Fun, vibrant, warm, friendly, and full of life : her voice, as well as her website.

Industry Niches: Commercials, E-Learning and Corporate Narration, TV Promos, Documentaries, Non-Broadcast Audio, Radio Imaging.

Karl Zinchak Professional Voice Talent

Karl is an experienced voice talent with a 20 – year career as an official spokesperson for the US Navy and the Department of Defense. His voice is clear and commanding yet warm and trustworthy. Karl is now breaking into new industry specialities such as documentaries, commercials, and narrative work. He came to ArtistUpgrade for a website design that didn’t focus entirely on his military background — but rather, a design that complemented his vocal qualities and new industry niches. This open road design is clean, simple, and geared towards a global audience.

Industry Niches: Narrations, Documentaries, Infomercials, Political Promos, Commercials, Corporate IDs, Educational & Training Videos, Storytelling.

Havilland Maxwell Ohio Voice Talent

Havilland Maxwell is a professional voice talent with a background in television, having served as an anchor, producer, reporter, and video editor for an Ohio affiliate of the NBC and FOX networks. She came to ArtistUpgrade with the specific design idea of integrating Green as the focal point to symbolize new life, growth, and positive energy as she starts out a voiceover career full-time. Mick designed a site that would perfectly complement Havilland's vocal range, from smooth and sophisticated, to corporate and professional, to warm and conversational. Learn more about Havilland by visiting her One Page Voiceover Site!

Industry Niches: E-Learning Media, Corporate Video Presentations, Narrations, Political Campaigns, Television Promos/Radio Imaging, Documentaries, PSA, Telephony, Commercials, Virtual Tours

Morgan Barnhart San Antonio Voice Talent

Morgan is an enthusiastic, bubbly, modern voiceover artist with an extensive client list and excellent customer reviews. Morgan came to us needing to upgrade her existing site to something more modern and edgy. She provided ArtistUpgrade with the artwork for her logo, which we then incorporated into the brand image look and feel of her One Page Voiceover website.

Industry Niches: Video Games, Animation, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Commercials, Narrations.

Dan McComas Voiceover & On-Camera Talent

As an established voiceover and on-camera professional, Dan needed a redesign of his old website, so we adapted the structure of the One Page Voiceoiver Site to accommodate all his website needs and goals. His site is chock-full of website-y goodness, including iPhone compatible demos, video reels, and a whole a lot of info for visitors. Check it out!

Industry Niches: Corporate Training Narration

Allenda Harris Pennsylvania Voice Talent

Allenda knew that she would need a strong online presence to compete in the voiceover industry, so she decided to boost her marketing campaign with a fabulously designed logo and website, and every print material we offer. After much collaboration, head designer Mick Lauer created this sophisticated, rich, bold site, complete with a beautiful animated logo, to complement Allenda's charismatic, compassionate, classy voice. Check out this stylish site!

Industry Niches: Corporate/Sales Presentations, Visitor/Tourist Narrations, Announcing, Commercial/Infomercial, Telephony/On Hold, Web Media.

John Jacobs NYC Voice Talent

John’s background in international travel and corporate public speaking led him to pursue a voiceover career focusing primarily on corporate and documentary narration. He came to us with the image of a globe, which we then translated into a website geared towards highlighting his experience to present a universal appeal and worldly perspective.

Industry Niches: Documentaries, E Learning, Corporate Training, PSA, Telephony, Audio Tours.

Sally Almeida New Jersey Voice Talent

When Sally came to us needing a website and brand image to promote her new voiceover career, she mentioned that her friends and family always associated her with martinis and flowers. So we ran with the idea, and incorporated a fun, playful, feminine commercial martini glass to highlight her commercial, fun, femine, splashy voice!

Industry Niches: Commercials, Gaming, Corporate, Travel, Telephony, Podcasts, Documentaries, Kids.

J. Christopher Dunn Seattle Voice Talent

After redesigning J.'s Official Voiceover Website (, we had the pleasure of designing a second One Page Voiceover Site for J. that would be geared specifically towards his work as a Professional Narrator. With his tag line – “You write the words. I’ll tell the story.” – J. wanted a website where viewers would feel confident that he could add magic to their words. Mick happily designed this magical, mystical, beautiful website that perfectly captures the essence of J.’s voice. See the magic for yourself by checking out J.'s narrator website.

Industry Niches: Documentary, e-Learning, Education, Corporate, Technology, Nature

Stan Silverman East Coast Voice Talent

Stan's brand image was developed out of the desire to target his efforts towards the corporate and financial industries. Having held senior management positions in marketing and finance over a 35 year career, Stan knows what corporate clients expect and can authoritatively speak their language both literally and figuratively to ensure that they achieve their objectives. With this in mind, we designed Stan's site to cater to his niche market while remaining fun, fresh, clean, and bold.

Industry Niches: Corporate / Industrial, Compliance & Safety Programs, Financial Narration, Sales Presentations, E-Learning, Marketing Videos

Vanissa Joseph New Jersey Voice Talent

A first grade teacher, Vanissa Joseph is brand new to the voiceover industry and came to ArtistUpgrade needing web and print materials to launch a strong marketing campaign for her new voiceover career endeavors. Talented AU designer Katie Willis created this good-lookin’ site (along with matching print materials) to showcase Vanissa’s smooth, warm, inviting voice. Listen to her demo and learn more about Vanissa by visiting her One Page Voiceover Site.

Industry Niches: Commercials, Narration, Corporate, Telephony

Garfield Maitland NYC Voice Talent

Garfield is an established voiceover artist who has been working in the industry for years. When Garfield came to us, he already had a website up and running, but wanted to consolidate all his materials and information into one page for more effective marketing and advertising of his skills. His tagline “Rich Resonant and Real” perfectly complemented his idea for a steaming hot cup of coffee, so we created this original design to communicate his marketing message and complement his resonant voice.

Industry Niches: Promo, Commercial, TV Affiliate.

Lauren Lux Los Angeles Voice Talent

Lauren is a voiceover artist and musical theatre actress who needed a website that would help promote her youthful and energetic vocal qualities. While visiting with Lauren in Los Angeles, Mick (the designer) had a “flash” of inspiration and designed this One Page Voiceover Website – complete with cartooned Lauren, matching pet, and bubbles. Just like Lauren, it’s truly one of a kind.

Industry Niches: Commercial, Animation, Promos.

Joe Geoffrey Texas Voice Talent

Joe Geoffrey is a voiceover artist with a naturally reflective voice: rich, confident, intelligent, upscale, clear, authoritative. He wanted to develop a site geared towards the audiobook industry, so we created this site to convey his penchant for storytelling. While working on his project, the tagline emerged, “There’s Always A Story To Be Told”.

Industry Niches: Audiobook, Narration.

Alex Rain Texas Voice Talent

Hailing from Texas, professional voice talent Alex Rain has a hip, clean, friendly voice perfect for "explainers", telephony, and commercials. When he contacted us, he already had a website and logo in place, but needed a professional "upgrade" and redesign. With inspiration from his slogan “The Refreshing Sound of Rain”, we ran with the unique brand imagery of his name for a fresh, clean, professional site. Check out his demos and learn more about Alex by visiting his One Page Voiceover Site.

Industry Niches: Web, Explainers, E-Learning, Commercial, Narration.

Suzanne Obolsky NYC Voice Talent

Suzanne was one of our first One Page Voiceover Website clients who came to us with a general idea of what she wanted for a logo. She provided us with an image of a cartoon character riding on a credit card, but wanted the character to look like her and for the credit card to be a sound wave that spelled the word voice. We were happy to rise to the challenge and create this one-of-a-kind original website and logo that is perfectly suited to her engaging, warm, fun voice demos.

Industry Niches: Corporate Narration, Audio Tours, Phone Systems, Animation.

Joe Geoffrey Texas Voice Talent

No, you’re not seeing double! After developing his first audiobook focused website, Joe Geoffrey wanted to create a site that he could send to a broader range of prospective clients. Keeping with the tagline we created in the first site, “There’s Always A Story To Be Told”, we developed Joe’s second site to reach a broader audience and appeal more towards commercial markets.

Industry Niches: Audiobook, Commercial, Narration.

Larry Zeug East Coast Voice Talent

Larry came to us with a very specific target market: narration for construction-related industries. This site was designed to highlight his fun-loving personality, unique talent, insight, and skill which resulted in this industry-oriented website and logo.

Industry Niches: Training Videos, Sales Videos, Commercials, Tutorials, Websites, Marketing, Promo Items, Webinars.

David Noyes NYC Voice Talent

David came to us needing to develop a brand image that would complement his friendly, engaging, approachable voice to his prospective clients. David's vocal quality is a perfect fit for the young dad or guy next-door voice, so we designed this site to match his vocal qualities and give him a unique brand image as he started his voiceover career.

Industry Niches: Commercials, Promos, Narrations.

Val Gendleman DC Voice Talent

Val, a Washington DC based voiceover artist, had already decided on Verge Voice for the name of her new voiceover business, and wanted us to explore incorporating the three “V’s” into her logo and brand image. This One Page Voiceover Website was the result of our collaborations to present a commercial and professional image that reassures clients and effectively communicates a strong marketing message.

Industry Niches: Documentaries, E Learning, Corporate Narration.

Tim Zagin NYC Voice Talent

Tim is an New York City based voiceover artist focusing his career on narration and audiobooks. He is a trained voice talent who got into voiceover after a highly successful career in advertising. We collaborated closely with Tim to develop this compelling, sincere, inviting One Page Voiceover website.

Industry Niches: Corporate / Industrial, Education / Training, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Promotional, Tours / Guides, Video / TV Documentaries, Audiobooks.

Karen Woodbury (KMarie) DC Voice Talent

Karen came to us loving the idea of incorporating red curtains into the site, so we ran with that visual concept to create this classy, ruby red One Page Voiceover Site, complete with stage and spotlight, to complement KMarie’s sexy, elegant, crisp voice.

Industry Niches: Commercials - Business, Retail, Health & Beauty, Travel & Entertainment, Promos & PSA's. Narration - Audiobooks, Biographies, Inspiration, Documentaries, Telephony, E-learning, Promotional.

Jason Starr New York Voice Talent

With a background in theatre, TV, and Film, Jason is also a musician who plays acoustic guitar and sings (he particularly enjoys Bluegrass). He came to ArtistUpgrade wanting to launch his voiceover career with strong marketing materials. We started with an original Logo design (we couldn't resist the imagery of his last name!), and then created his website and print materials for an effective marketing message that complements Jason's warm, down-to-earth vocal quality. Jason Starr: Quality Voice Talent. Learn more by checking out his One Page Voiceover Site.

Industry Niches: Narration, e-Learning, Training, PSA, Documentary.

Jean Bruyere French Canadian Voice Talent

Jean has been in the Voiceover Industry for over 20 years, and has worked with such clients as AOL, Jack Daniels, Ford, Nissan, and Sony. He came to ArtistUpgrade wanting a clear, effective site that would highlight his vocal talents, showcase his many clients, and strengthen his online presence, so we designed this fun yet professional One Page Voiceover Site. Check out the site we designed for Jean, and listen to his French and English demos!

Industry Niches: e-Learning and Tutorial, Training and Product Presentations, Voice acting (performance), Lip Synching fortraining voice work, Corporate Narrations.

Patricia Tuckett NYC Voice Talent

When voiceover artist Patrica Tuckett came to us, she was just starting out her voiceover career after studying with Edge Studio in New York City. She came to us with the idea of a beach or a picturesque scene to reflect the calming and soothing qualities of her voice. The result was this One Page Voiceover website – warning, after viewing this site you might feel compelled to jump a flight to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean.

Industry Niches: Narration, Telephony, Commercials, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Audiobooks.

Beth Mensinger DC Voice Talent

Beth came to us as she was just starting her voiceover career and wanted a site that would be geared toward narration for museums, tours, and e-learning. She directed us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) website and said she really enjoyed the colors and idea of a logo in a circle. So, we designed this site with her inspiration and tailored it to meet her Warm, Informative, Sophisticated vocal qualities.

Industry Niches: Audio Tours, Corporate Narration, Telephone Systems, E-Learning.

Liz O'Byrne East Coast Voice Talent

Liz came to us needing a website that was equally as quirky, cheerful, and youthful as her voice. Primarily focusing on narration and commercials targeting companies like Disney, we came up with this bright, commercially appealing brand image design. The original tagline we were working with, “Creating Vocal Energy”, evolved through our collaboration to more action inspiring current tagline “Energize Your Words!”

Industry Niches: Narration, Audiobooks, Commercials.

BP Smyth Tennessee Voice Talent

BP holds the distinguished honor of owning the very first One Page Voiceover website ever to be created by ArtistUpgrade. It’s thanks to BP’s trust in ArtistUpgrade that we were able to spend 5 months developing the very first prototype for a One Page Voiceover Website. It all began in the spring of 2009 as a collaboration with Edge Studio in NYC when we asked owner of Edge Studio and veteran voiceover industry producer, David Goldberg, what he wanted to see when voiceover talent submitted their websites to him. David listed all the information he wanted a voiceover website to include, then told us he wanted it all on one page. Needless to say, figuring that out took quite a bit of time and creativity! Thanks to BP’s patience and confidence in ArtistUpgrade, we were able to develop the first One Page Voiceover Website to ever grace the web. Over the years, we’ve continued to develop the One Page Voiceover Website, while staying true to the original vision that came out of our collaboration with BP.

Industry Niches: Documentaries, Promotional Narratives, Up-scale Commercials, Interactive Voice Recordings.

Craig Young Abu Dhabi Voice Talent

Originally from Jamaica, Craig originally contacted us from the United Kingdom needing a website that would promote his voice talents primarily towards animation and gaming industries. We created this colorful site based on his previously established tagline, “The Audio Animator”.

Industry Niches: Corporate Narration, Audio Tours, Phone Systems, Animation.

Myra Burton East Coast Voice Talent

Myra is a voiceover artist who came to us as she was growing her voiceover business. With a clear, sincere, trustworthy voice, Myra already had the tagline “The Clear Choice” picked out, so we created this brand image and logo based on her tagline and specific vocal qualities and targeted towards the corporate and e-learning narration industries.

Industry Niches: Documentaries, PSA, Narratives, Educational and Training, Interactive Voice Recordings, Telephony.

Elizabeth Holmes California Voice Talent

Elizabeth began her career in voiceover because of her love for audiobooks – in fact, she’s listened to over 1,000 of them! She’s also an avid tea connoisseur, so it was only fitting to develop a brand image that truly reflects not only her sophisticated, smooth, smoky vocal qualities, but also her refined personality and her goal of narrating for audiobook mysteries as well.

Industry Niches: Long-form Narration: Audio Tours, Documentaries, Audiobooks.

Laura Branch Mireles Houston Voice Talent

From Houston, TX, Laura is an actor, commercial spokesperson, and voiceover artist who has also worked as a producer, scriptwriter, and video editor. We designed this bright and sunny site to complement Laura's fun, energetic, and friendly voice (and personality too!). Listen to her demos, read rave reviews about her work, check out her featured clients, and learn more about Laura by visiting her One Page Voiceover Site.

Industry Niches: Commercials, Corporate Narration, Telephony, eLearning, Children's Audiobook, Video Games.

Steve Olin New Jersey Voice Talent

After having developed his own website, Steve came to us needing to redesign his site and upgrade his brand image. His connection with nature and mature, confident, trustworthy tone evolved into the brand image you see here in his One Page Voiceover Website.

Industry Niches: Corporate Narration, Audio Tours, Phone Systems, Animation.

Suzy Krueckeberg Chicago Voice Talent

Suzy came to us as she was just starting her voiceover career. With a fun, quirky, motherly vocal quality, it wasn’t hard to develop the tagline, “Colorfully Warm” into a strong brand image and marketing message. Suzy’s professional experience as a Psychologist brought about the incorporation of the chair logo, and, voila! Her One Page Voiceover website was created! Since developing this site, Suzy has taken a hiatus from the voiceover industry, but we still like to show off this fun and quirky design tailored to commercial and narration voiceover industries.

Industry Niches: Narration, Commercials.

Sarah Fisher Florida Voice Talent

Sarah came to us needing a website and brand image that would complement and showcase her vocal talents. She had the idea of incorporating different cartoons of women into the site to represent her vocal range and character work, so we created five unique characters for Sarah - the little girl, tween, young mom, corporate female, and senior female - and implemented them into her one-of-a-kind, character-driven one page voiceover site.

Industry Niches: Character Work, Cartoons & Video Games, Commercials, Narrations, Audiobooks, Telephony, Promos.

Jeigh Duran NY Voice Talent

Jeigh came to us after recording his voice demos needing to create a brand identity for his new voiceover business. He came to us with a photograph he had taken on the West Coast in the 1970’s, but in the form of an old-fashioned projector slide. Jeigh converted the slide image to digital format and we successfully implemented it into his One Page Voiceover Website to create a truly original brand image.

Industry Niches: Medical Narration, Commercials, Promos, Educational, E-Learning, Inspirational.

Diego Diment LA Voice Talent

Diego has been doing Spanish voiceovers in the Hispanic market since 1995. If you listen to Spanish radio or watch Spanish TV, you've probably heard his voice! He came to ArtistUpgrade wanting a complete redesign of his old site and brand image, so we created this classic site - along with postcard, business card, and CD Case & Label design - to complement Diego's rich, sexy voice.

Industry Niches: Commercials, Narrations, Movie Trailers, TV Promos.

Deb Coloma Arizona Voice Talent

Deb is a voice talent based in the Scottsdale area offering voice over services from Arizona to the world for commercials, narrations, tv promos, telephone systems, web sites and more. Deb's voice is friendly, fun, fresh, approachable, sincere, strong and sensual. With a colorful personality and animated attitude, we helped Deb develop a unique charicature for her brand image based on her goals and a real photo she provided - complete with beauty mark and all!

Industry Niches: Commercials, Narration, Industrial & Training, E-learning, Telephony, Web Sites, TV Shows, Movies, TV Promos

Greg Thomas Florida Voice Talent

Greg has a trustworthy, easy-going, authoritative voice and came to us to design a website that would reflect his unique vocal qualities. As we worked with Greg, a tagline emerged: "Discover the Vocal Frontier". So, we ran with that concept and created this one-of-a kind brand image for Greg.

Industry Niches: Corporate & Industrial Training, Documentaries, Financial Instruction, Inspirational Guidance, Compliance Videos, E-Learning, Website Audio, Upscale Commercials.

Lance DeBock New Jersey Voice Talent

Lance is a seasoned voiceover artist with an extensive broadcast, voiceover and theatre background. When Lance first approached us, he already had a site up and running; however, it was complex and designed completely in Flash, making edits and updates almost impossible. So we simplified his marketing by creating a One Page Voiceover Site and refined his previously established brand to entice his current and prospective clients.

Industry Niches: Promos, Narration, Industrials, Radio/TV Imaging, Commercials.

Scott Carr NY Voice Talent

Scott is no stranger to a microphone, he has performed for many years as a musician (mostly guitar & vocals - some keyboards). When Scott was beginning his voiceover career, he knew he needed a strong marketing message to promote his talents. We just couldn’t resist the imagery inspired by his last name, creating a memorable marketing message for his One Page Voiceover Website.

Industry Niches: Narration, Commercial, Healthcare, Education/Instruction for Children, Travel, History.

Sharon Lawton East Coast Voice Talent

When Sharon came to us, it was the first time we had ever heard of "The Rose of Sharon". Inspired by her name and soothing vocal qualities, we ran with the idea of incoporating the rose into her design. Flowers are usually difficult to use in representing a voice, because they automatically imply florist. We're happy to report this was not the case with Sharon's one of a kind One Page Voiceover Website!

Industry Niches: E-Learning, Corporate Training, Audio Tours, Documentaries, Telephony, Commercials.

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  • Alex Rain

    Texas Voice Talent

    "ArtistUpgrade nails it. The created a logo and design that perfectly captured the essence of my brand identity, and the whole process from consultation to launch was super easy. Having ArtistUpgrade build my voiceover website was one of the best investments I’ve ever made; I’ve definitely seen an increase in bookings since it went live. Plus, I have peace of mind knowing my website is competitive, professional, and functions as great as it looks. I went back to Mick and Allison to design my postcards, and again, the finished product was excellent. I can’t recommend them enough!"


  • Mara Junot

    New Orleans Voice Talent

    "Alison & Mick at ArtistUpgrade are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever worked with. They are friendly, professional, with thorough attention to detail and a creative style that just makes websites pop. My website was custom-tailored to my needs and branding goals, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! Phenomenal work!!! I recommend the team at ArtistUpgrade for any professional in the acting industry who wants a clean, professional site designed specifically for the needs of artists in the media."


  • Helene Jaubert

    Florida Voice Talent

    "Where should I begin?? Let me start with no matter the amount of emails and questions I bombarded them with the one-on-one personal service was impeccable and always maintained their professionalism through and through. They always kept me well informed of the status and always had options to make my decision easier. The end result of my site is nothing short of "stylishly polished, functional, modernly elegant, & uniquely me".... Thank you Artist Upgrade for bringing out my true essence & a real representation of my talents!"


  • David Finch

    Voice Talent & Professor

    "You know the word "Awesome" was invented for you guys at ArtistUpgrade! You don't know how this really made my day! I can't thank you enough for all the help you always give whenever I need it. In all of my 40 years of working in the business world as a corporate executive and businessman I have never seen such a well organized, efficient and professional organization! I know one thing is for sure, we will always do businesss together. Many thanks!"


  • Randye Kaye

    Connecticut Voice Talent

    "If you ask me, I could write a book...about ArtistUpgrade. They designed my logo, business card, and brand-new website - all while helping me with branding concepts, SEO, site navigation, and more. The whole team is creative, fun, efficient - and boy do they know their stuff! And, oh yeah - very patient and responsive with me, my multiple business facets, and my endless questions. Love them!!"


  • B.P. Smyth

    Tennessee Voice Talent

    "It has been an absolute pleasure working with you ... The website design exceeds my expectations. I am absolutely thrilled with it, and I can't wait to show all my current clients and include it, of course, in my marketing attempts. I am looking forward to working with you and Mick in the years to come."


  • Beth Mensinger

    D.C. Voice Talent

    "I loved working with ArtistUpgrade. It helps to have true professionals who can collaborate, take a rough idea and run with it to develop a strong brand -- all without being offended or 'bothered' by suggestions or edit requests. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the suggestions, support and encouragement!"


  • Jason Starr

    Voice Talent

    "You guys truly have made me feel good about marketing myself with these materials! Thanks!"


  • Larry Zeug

    East Coast Voice Talent

    "Can't say enough good things about you guys. You did a great job, you were fun to work with and your response/turn around time was excellent. Thank You."


  • J. Christopher Dunn

    Seattle Voice Talent

    "WOW!!! I love it! Those were my initial reactions to your design....Again, wow! Thanks you so much for a super hot site!"


  • Suzanne Obolsky

    NYC Voice Talent

    "Is it possible to marry a website design company? If so, it's time to choose a china pattern! ArtistUpgrade not only provides exceptional quality work, but also exemplary customer service, truck-loads of personality and a keen sense of what makes you look your best. If you want to make your product memorable, I would highly recommend ArtistUpgrade's services. Branding has never looked or felt so good."


  • Mike Markham

    Voice Talent & Ring Announcer

    "The team at ArtistUpgrade is extremely knowledgable and great to work with. They really take care of you. They aren't just about hooking you up with a website. They'll help you keep things updated and fresh throughout your career. Whatever you need from marketing materials to web design, they've got you covered. They really care about their clients and they know exactly what you need as an entertainer/actor/VO talent. Lots of people can design websites but ArtistUpgrade can help you build an image to form and further your career."


  • Allenda Harris

    Voice Talent

    "When I started this journey of finding a website designer, searching the internet, and reading everything I could about the voiceover industry--which one day lead me to the site, I knew there was something phenomenally different going on there! From those who answer the telephone --all the way to the delivered product can be summed up like this: Each member of the Artist Upgrade Team, each individual department of the whole is, in their own right, the ultimate consummate Customer Service and Creativity Extraordinaire. Many thanks!"


  • David Goldberg

    Edge Studio Director

    "Trust ArtistUpgrade! We did and now we totally rely on them for our graphics, our website, and all things creative. Its not just that they're creative and meticulous artists: They are smart how they approach things: Everything is considered - branding and effectiveness are paramount, and their execution is simply terrific (and exciting!) to watch. You will not be disappointed. We encourage anyone to use them."


  • Craig Young

    Voice Talent

    "Where to begin? Alison (and her husband/business partner Mick) have given me the best balance of personal service, value for money and excellent results. Artist Upgrade 'gets' me as a voiceover artist and I totally trusted them to design the site to reflect me and my business. I was not disappointed. My website exceeded my expectations and the process was methodical, transparent and customer-centric. I'm going back for more!"


  • Jeigh Duran

    Voice Talent

    "I am very happy with the experience I had with ArtistUpgrade, and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have a gazillion dollars to blow on a website. Both Mick and Alison were professional, kind and patient, very responsive and efficient. If you don't know much, no problem, they are glad to help you through the process."


  • Susan Manhire

    Voice Talent

    "My experience with ArtistUpgrade was wonderful! They were professional, interested, caring, friendly, and most importantly, they did exactly what they said they would the time frame they said they would do it in. No kidding! ArtistUpgrade provides all of the qualities you want in a business, and delivers a great website. I love mine and will refer them to anyone and everyone!"


  • Elizabeth Holmes

    California Voice Talent

    "I am SO impressed with ArtistUpgrade! Their skill, their taste, their professionalism, and their rates are all exceptional. They exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I'm thrilled with the results! Highly recommended."


  • David Noyes

    NYC Voice Talent

    "The entire process, from design to implementation was smooth and professional. I was extremely pleased with the result."


  • Deb Coloma

    Arizona Voice Talent

    "Thanks so much, you are awesome! Anytime I pass out my card, you cannot believe all the great comments I get. Best decision I made working with you!!"


  • Dawna Perez

    Massachusetts Voice Talent

    "If any music/VO actors/creative types are looking for a GREAT, professional company to work with, I recommend Everyone at ArtistUpgrade is wonderful, and a pleasure to work with!"


  • Joe Clausen

    Voice Talent

    "I worked with ArtistUpgrade to create a website, business cards, and postcards for my voiceover business. They were great to work with on all fronts! We worked together to come up with a plan, they provided design ideas, and I'm happy with the end products. Highly recommended!"


  • John Jacobs

    NYC Voice Talent

    "To adapt Winston Churchill: "Never in the field of websites and print materials was so much owed by so many to so few". I could not imagine working with a more creative and professional team than Alison and Mick."


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One Page Voiceover Website Pricing

$395 with NO monthly fees. Pricing includes Custom Design, Brand Image, Domain Name Registration, and Complimentary Hosting.

  • All that you need, with none of the strings

    As a voiceover artist, we know you have a million and one expenses. Those marketing materials you need to effectively run your creative career can really start to add up. That’s why we make your website investment as affordable as possible with no strings attached or hidden fees.

One Page Voiceover Website Features Include

Voice Profile

This section includes: Gender, Union Affiliation, Reading Age, Voice Description, and Niche.


Providing a clear description of your background, voiceover abilities and experience can help your clients and professionals get to know you better.

Studio Snapshot

Letting your viewers know your production capabilities is important. Whether you operate out of a home studio, can produce audition or broadcast quality, or have access to a professional recording studio, clients and professionals can know what your capabilities are and if you'll be able to accommodate their needs.

Contact Information

Lets your viewers know how to reach you!

Demo Playlist

A website is a great way to give people access to your voice demos. We've found an excellent mp3 player that allows your viewers to hear your demos, control the volume, scroll to timed points in the demo, and download.

Client List

If you've been in the industry it's a good idea to establish credibility by listing your current and past clients.

Training and Experience

If you're just starting out in voiceover, or if you're established with an extensive training resume, listing your coaches, classes, seminars, and intensives is another way to establish credibility.

Custom Design

Research has proven that self-promotion and unique, effective marketing strategy is the key to an artist’s success and sustainable career. ArtistUpgrade designers work with you to develop a comprehensive website that showcases you, your personality, and your personal style. It’s not just copy and paste into a generic template; rather, it’s professional design you can showcase with confidence.

Complimentary Hosting

No monthly charges, yearly fees, strings or gimmicks. We’ll happily host your website for free, forever. No monthly fees or hidden surcharges to keep your website up and running. Ever.

Free Domain Name Registration

Every One Page Voiceover Website comes with our free Domain Name registration for the first year. Domain name renewal costs $10/year if you choose to renew your domain after the first year.

Room for Growth

We know that every artist has a unique career. That is why ArtistUpgrade designs our sites to accommodate growth. Whether you need to add a demo, add a client, or add a new section to your site, we make it easy and affordable whether it’s two months from now or two years from now.

One on One Customer Service

We’re a small company who prides ourselves on the personal relationship we establish with every client. When we work on your project, you get our undivided attention from our designer from start to finish. We also assign you a dedicated project manager to handle any questions or concerns you have at anytime throughout the process.


Maintenance / Edits / Upgrades

So you’ve had your website for a while and now you need to make some changes. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. We don’t charge any monthly fees or editing minimums. With ArtistUpgrade what you see is what you get. Here’s a list of the most common edits requested by our clients and the fees associated with those changes.

Add a Demo

$5 per track

Text Edits

$2 per edit

Domain Name Renewal

$10 per year. When you purchase a website from us, ArtistUpgrade will guarantee your Free Domain name ( for the first year. After that, if you choose to renew your Domain, the cost will be about $10 for each following year (or equivalent to the industry standard) in order to keep your website up, running, and viewable on the web! You have the option to renew your site on a yearly basis.

Custom Edits

$65/hour. Custom Edits are edits that go above and beyond the edits listed above. Custom Edits are edits that require custom design needs: for example, changing your color scheme or the design elements such as main graphics and font, or adding a new section to your website. For these types of customized edits, our designers charge $65 per hour. But don’t let that scare you! We’re really good at what we do and most custom edits take less than an hour.

But how much will edits really cost me?

Many of our clients worry about how often they’ll need to edit and update their site. To give you an idea for the future investment in keeping your site current, most of our clients update their sites less than once per quarter (every 3 months) and spend $100 or less on necessary edits per calendar year. That’s about $8 per month, or just 2 Starbucks Frappuccinos!


One Page Voiceover Website Package Deals

Need more than just a website? Get a Voiceover Package and save on all your marketing material needs. Check out our package snapshots below. Click the link to learn more about our Packages for Voiceover Talent, or feel free to give us a call!

Voiceover Essential Upgrade . $1,125

One Page Voiceover Website + Business Cards(250) + CD Case & Label(25)

Voiceover Complete Upgrade . $1,395

One Page Voiceover Website + Biz Cards(250) + Postcards(100) + CD Case & Label(25) + + Concierge Printing

Voiceover Ultimate Upgrade . $1,595

One Page Voiceover Website + Biz Cards(250) + Postcards(100) + CD Case & Label(25) + + Analytics Tracking + Letterhead + Concierge Printing


  • Food for Thought — Price Perspective

    We know that most artists are on a budget. With all the costs of running your creative career, it’s hard to know whether or not your investments are paying off or will pay off in the future. When considering your website investment, here’s a helpful perspective.


    "It is unwise to pay too much, but it is worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money…that is all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do."
    John Ruskin


    Over half of our clients have come to us needing website redesigns from other designers or do-it-yourself websites. In two years, we're pleased to announce that none of them have left us! Please visit our testimonials section to hear what people have to say about working with ArtistUpgrade.

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One Page Voiceover Websites

Ready to Get Started?

Complete our questionnaire below and we’ll get right back to you. Sometimes we’re the right people for the job, sometimes we’re not. Either way, we’d love to hear from you, so don’t be shy! Note: this is NOT an order form. Just a simple set of questions that will help us get to know you better and give you an accurate quote for your project based on your needs.


Let's Go!

Please enter First and Last name

Enter your email address

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Please enter your city and state

What type of computer do you use?

Tell us what you need
To give you an accurate quote on your project and find a solution that accommodates all your marketing needs, please tell us what you’re looking for. A dedicated ArtistUpgrade representative will contact you within 24 hours to review your information and discuss the next steps for moving forward.

Website Preference
What type of website are you interested in from ArtistUpgrade?
We offer two solutions for voiceover artists:

1. The One Page Voiceover Website
2. Custom Website Design (built from scratch)

I'm interested in the One Page Voiceover Website.
I'm interested in Custom Website Design.
Ah! Too many choices, can you tell me more?

Domain Name
Your domain name is your website URL (or web address). Domains can be .com, .net, .info, etc. You may include hyphens. Do not include spaces.

Note about Domains: The reason we ask for alternatives is because there is a chance that your first choice for a domain name has already been taken.

I'd like my domain name to be (list in order of preference):

I already have my own domain (web address), it is:

Time to Get Personal
Tell us all about you! We work with our clients on a one-on-one basis to help customize your experience with us and create marketing materials that truly reflect who you are and what you do. The more we know, the better! Tell us as much as you want – we’re all ears.

Tell us about your voiceover endeavors
Who are you? What do you do?

What are your goals?
Short term and long term. Tell us as much as you want – the more we know, the better!

Anything else you would like us to know about you or your website needs?

Need Anything Else?
Need print materials to complement your website? We're happy to create original design to help you brand yourself for effective marketing and complement your personality and style. Please mark all the items below that you are interested in.

Do you need a custom Email Address?
Example: Email

Yes, hook it up!
No, thanks.

Tracking Analytics
Dynamically track your website traffic with customized daily reports.

Yes, let’s track this baby!
No thanks, I don’t need to track my website traffic.

Business Cards
Business Cards are essential to self-promotion. ArtistUpgrade business cards are custom-made to be professional, personalized, and complement all your other marketing materials, including your website.

Yes, I’m interested in Business Cards!
No, thanks.

Postcards are a great way to promote special events, network, gain exposure, and showcase your art in a professional and unique way. ArtistUpgrade creates quality custom design with promotion in mind to give you a unique and effective marketing tool. Postcards come in various sizes and can be mailed or dropped off in person.

Yes, I’m interested in Postcards!
No, thanks.

CD Case & Label
A key component to any voiceover artist’s marketing arsenal. Designed to stylishly promote your demos with a unified brand image and marketing message.

Yes, I’m interested in CD's!
No, thanks.

Email Signature
A custom email signature designed to reflect your brand image and other marketing materials.

Yes, that would be awesome!
No, thanks.

Customized with your brand image – great for making your letters and correspondence unique and professional.

Yes, I’m would like a Letterhead!
No, thanks.

Other Design needs?
Looking for something not listed above? Let us know what you need and we’ll create a custom quote for your project. Please specify your custom design needs in the space provided.

How did you hear about ArtistUpgrade?

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